Purpose of the Coin

The Armor of God (AOG) coin was created at the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Inspiration from the Holy Spirit was gained by studying the ministries of 3 men;  Greg Reider (Ustick Baptist Church, ID) who was mentored by David Roper (Idaho Mountain Ministries, ID) who was mentored by Ray Stedman (Peninsula Bible Church, CA).

The Armor of God coin can not be bought or earned; it is a gift of grace from the Holy Spirit.  When the Holy Spirit inspires an AOG coin presentation, we ask the giver share the message behind the AOG coin and document the person who receives a coin.

Please note the date and location the coin is given.  Include a short biography of each person, and what their prayer request is for their lives. This information is for prayer and encouragement uses only. The AOG ministry is led by the Holy Spirit. The coin was designed and built based on Ephesians 6:10-20.  It is simple, accurate, and necessary for defense during spiritual warfare. The AOG coin is a discipleship tool that can be used as a daily practical reminder to “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Many of us try to pray first, but unless you have worked your way through the precise order of the armor of God, then you’re not prepared to pray as God intended. We encourage each of you to make “putting on the whole Armor of God” a daily routine.